Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Dumb cat!!

Oh no!! Not you, Daisy and Harley!!

You is the smartest cats we do knowed!!

But Jessa and Tamara gots two cats and She called those cats the neurotikitties and She sayed Jessa and Tamara should writed a blog about those neurotikitties cuz they is soooooooooooo neurotic!!

And right now, one of they be pretty dumb too!!

Do you knowed what?! That cat forgetted that it should eated!!! AND he forgetted to drink too!!

No one do knowed why Zebra in a Snowstorm stopped eating but it do not beed good for he to stopped eating and today Jessa and Tamara had to taked he to see the vet and She hadded to talked to the vet on the phone cuz She did payed for it and She did not liked that vet too much cuz that vet do not wanted to explained what he wanted to do to Zebra.

But after She talked to that vet man he taked some of Zebra's bloods and then Zebra getted to goed home with Jessa and Tamara again but Jessa and Tamara gotted to maked Zebra eated the special foods even if Zebra do not wanted to! Because cats to has to eat even if they do not thinked so!!


And do you see what happened after that silly cat getted some food in he's tummy and he getted to comed home again?!

Zebra did getted up and goed to drinked water!! All by he's own self!!! Jessa and Tamara do not has to keep sticking water in he's mouth now!!

And he is stopped laying like a rug on the floor and he is curled up like a cat again!! And he did goed pee too!!!!

Aswell and me hoped Zebra do be getting all betterer and tomorrow he will eated all by he's own self again and maybe soon he will be up on all the doors some more too!!! Zebra do liked to be up on the tops of doors.

When he is feeling all gooder.

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  1. Poor Zebra! I hope he feels better soon, too. It can be real bad for kitties not to eat, because they can get something bad from their liver. I am purring for Zebra.