Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Puppy Adventures

We did had SO many adventures lately! Max camed to visit we and we all played! At first we was very loud and 'bnoxious but then we did settled down and was more better.

Then today, I just about gived She a heart attack!! When She camed home from work She drived in the driveway and I runned to see She and I runned too far and mine collar clicked and it skerred me so I yelped and She did not knowed why I yelped and She thinked maybe She hitted me with the van!! She sayed I will give She nightmares!!!

And THEN after She's heart started beating again, we had one more adventure! He keeped working in we play pen and today he is making a ramp so we can getted from the deck down into the pen all by we own self! And up again too!! We do learned very fast!! Do you knowed why we learned fast?!

We will do just about anything for we chickens!!! We do liked we chicken treats a very lot!!

So when He called we down and She called we up and He had chickens and She had chickens we do runned up and down very good! Cept Aswell getted so excited that he forgetted how to get up sometime!! He runned around and around like a crazy thing. But then he did remembered.

He sayed He is not finished yet. He will make we ramp more good for we. But we can do it good just the way it is already too. We is clever puppies! And we do liked chickens!!


  1. lmao poor She! you have to remember to play nice with both She and Him cus they are old

    but you definitely have had adventures and are having fun so that's good :)

  2. You are very brave and smart to use the ramp already!