Thursday, September 15, 2011


Today She putted we in the bath and we getted all cleaned!

We do getted to be very, very dirty all the times! But today we were cleaned - for a little while.

After we hadded we baths, He blowed we dry with the windy thing!

We did not thinked we would liked it but we did not minded too much.

Aswell curled up in He's lap and goed to sleep! While He was getted Aswell dry!

And then when we was dry, She and He cutted we's furs!! We did not knowed we could has we furs cutted at home!! We was both very very good! WE was gooder for He and She than we was for the furcutter man we went to see before. That's cuz we do liked He and She gooder!

So ... now you can see we before and after pictures! This is me before.

And this is me after. I do look quite pretty, huh? I thinked so!

This is Aswell before. He did not had too long furs, but he getted cutted anyway. He and She was learning so He and She wanted to learn good with both of we.

Aswell would not stayed awake to had he's after picture taked good! He was TIRED out! But Aswell does look quite nice 'cept one time the black thingie comed off the clipper thingie and so he do had a little bit that do be cutted too short! But Aswell do not minded!!

And do you know what else?! She getted She's haircutted this week too!! So we do all has short furs 'cept for He!

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  1. You look so pretty with your new hairdo! Having a home spa day sounds fun! It is very sill that Aswell fell asleep from all the grooming excitement.