Saturday, September 10, 2011


You will not BELIEVED how annoying Aswell do be right now!

He do not wanted to leave me alone!!

He buyed me a new big pen so I can has some time away from Aswell and Aswell do liked to try to eated we pen!! He wanted to come in we pen with me!

I do has to be in we pen when we go outside so that other boy dogs can not comed to my yard and bugged me too! She sayed soon I can play outside again in the light time but we will be safer in we pen at night time cuz He and She worried about coyotes and foxes and black and white kitties when we do go out to play at night time!!

That pen do be a good place though! Do you know what?! I finds little bits of chickens in the grass in my pen!! Lots and lots of chickens!!


  1. Your play pen sounds very cool!

  2. It is a good pen but sometimes I do not wanted to stay out there once I finded all the chickens the treat fairy leaved for me!

    But sometimes Aswell can come in we pen with me too so that is more funner. Only if I beated he up then he has to getted out.