Friday, September 23, 2011

In Troubles!

Today She yelled at me!!!

She yelled very loud!!!

Even though He was still sleeping!!!

She should getted in troubles, NOT ME!!!

It is not good to yelled when peoples is sleeping!

Or to bark, too!!

But Kali, you did not telled they why She yelled at you.

You did deserved to get in troubles!

No! SHE should getted in troubles!! Not ME!!!!

It do not beed my fault that it is raining and I did not wanted to get wet!


  1. You mean with all the building He hasn't made a cover for an area of the yard where you can play outside?

  2. She did telled He He should maked one for we!!

    But he didn't do it yet. He was gonna work on we ramp some more cuz Aswell is a big dummy and he will not go up and down by he's own self but it rained all day and anyway He had to go worked at Lady's house too.

  3. Oopsie, Kali, it sounds like you might have made a tiny mistake! But I do not blame you for not wanting to get all wet.

  4. She sayed that pooping in we house is a bad mistake but pooping in we house right in front of She is a GREAT BIG BAD mistake!!!!

    Even if it does be raining very much.

    She is pretty bossy, huh?!