Saturday, September 24, 2011

Best puppies!

Today we do be being SO very good!!!

He is working on we boat.

She is working on She's computer and cooking a yummy dinner too!!

And we is sitting on the top of the deck and we is watching He and we do not barked!!!!

We is learning!! We figured out the rule!

Yes!!! We do be SO clever!!!

If we barked and drived He and She crazy we will has to come in the house!!

But if we stays quiet and do not barked at He we can be in OR out!!

And we can watched He!!

AND we can watched She cook too, when She goes out to cooker the meat!!!


  1. Hooray for you! I think you deserve some treats for being so good.

  2. We getted treats for no barking and for no begging too!! If we do lied down and shutted up while He and She eated the foods, we getted some too! But not if we jumps up or whines or barks!

    That is a nother rule we had to learned!

    But I do had to bark at the toad and the squirrel and the birds because that is my job to maked they get out of we yard! But the toad do not goed! I do not knowed why!