Saturday, July 2, 2011


She and we is having a bad day!

Nuh uh!! She and me is getting along fine!

Okay. She and ME is having a bad day!!

I am having a MAD!

She do not letted me go back outside.

I wanted to go outside but She closed the glass door so we can not go in and out all by our ownselves!!!

She is MEAN!!

You did barked too much, Kali!!

No I did not!!! I HAS to bark!!! She do not understanded!!! There is something under we deck!!! I has to telled that chippy-munk to go away from we yard!!!

She sayed She likes chippy-munks and birds in we yard.

But I do not!!! I has to do my job!!! I keeps they all out of we yard!!


  1. awww poor puppy...she is just so mean huh? lol...maybe you should try being nice to the other animals in the yard...that way you'd get to be outside more..

  2. Poor Kali! Sometimes a dog has to do what a dog's gotta do!