Friday, July 1, 2011


She did!! She did taked we fishing with He & She!!!!

And we was SUCH good puppies too!!

Aswell do tried to walk around on the edge of the boat and that did skerred She just a little bit - 'specially after He taked Aswell's leash off!!

He sayed it would be okay - and it was!!!

I stayed in the bottom of the boat most of the time.

I do not liked to climb up on the edge of the boat.

You should tried it, Kali! It do beed FUN!!!

I do not thinked so. I will like to stay with She.

And She catched a fish!!

And HE letted we SWIM!!

In the lake!!

Only He holded onto we but we does swimmed and we liked to swim and we getted all cooled down.

But then Aswell getted too cooled down and he getted all shivery and then he getted all cranky cuz he had to go pee so we has to come home again!

But we was GOOD boat dogs!!


  1. glad you guys were good on the'll probably get to go out more often if you be good

  2. Hooray! I am glad you got to go fishing! It sounds like loads of fun.

    Aswell, next time maybe you can go potty in the water.