Wednesday, July 6, 2011

He & She

I thinked He & She is sometimes not too smart!

They do not learned good!

Today they went fishing and they did not taked we!! Again!!!!

And AGAIN they leaved foods on the table and guess what!!?

Of course!! See - you is maybe smarter than He & She!

Cuz you knowed if He & She leaved foods on the table and goes out, Aswell will getted on the table and getted the foods!!

And then Kali will TATTLE!!!

Cuz Kali is a big stinky tattletale!!!

I had to telled She that Aswell stealed the strawberries!! I do not wanted She to thinked it were me that stealed the strawberries!!! So as soon as She opened the door I starts to tell She all about Aswell getting on the table!! And throwing all the strawberries on the floor!!!!

But we did not eated the strawberries cuz we do not liked those. We did tasted them all though but none of they was yummy. you not thinked He and She should learned to takes we fishing every time?! Too bad they is not so smart like we!

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