Friday, June 3, 2011


The yesterday we has adventures!!

Too many adventures, She sayed!

The mans that lived in we nother house is bad! They was yelling and spitting and fighting and they was very rude!!!

We wants to bark at those mans but She and He do not letted us come down.

But then everything getted quiet and we can go outside for peeing and do you know what?! One of those mans leaved the front door wide open!!

On purpose!

That do be very bad!!!!

So She were taking us out but we seed that open door and we runned out that door and we forgetted to stay home and we forgetted to wait for She!!

She was SO upsetted!!!

But we did not get hitted by any cars and we did not get hurted so do not worry!

We finded some NICE mans to play with until He finded us.

And now those bad mans that live in we nother house has to move away because they are very very bad and mean too. She sayed!! And She gived they papers that say they has to go away!!! Because they is BAD!!

So that was some big adventures!!!

But that is not all!!! We hadded so many adventures we has to do two posts!!

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