Monday, May 30, 2011


That is what my name should be.

He sayed!

And She thinked so too!

And Kali too!!!!!

I do not knowed why I should be Trouble!!

Not Kali!!! Just me!!! That do not be fair!!!!

Kali and me did had a good day.

Kali and me plays inside.

Kali and me plays outside.

Kali and me fighted.

Kali and me sleeped.

Kali and me chews chewies.

We has lots of chewies and we sneaked some outside.

Kali taked rawhide chewies outside.

But I finded one what was even more better!

Maybe He just do not liked to share he's chewie?


  1. Hmmm, that does look like a good chewie! Did you chew up any green papers?!

  2. I do not knowed why I cannot comment with mine blogger account. That do be DUMB!

    I do not chewed papers because I do not liked to chew papers!! Papers is not good for chewing! Or for eating! Leathers is much gooder for chewing!!!

    He do not liked me to take he's papers outside though!!