Friday, June 3, 2011

Adventures Part 2

After we leaved we nother house we do not goed home!!! We beed in we crates in the van and we thinked we be going home but we do not!

When the van stopped, we was not home!

We stopped one time so He and She can had a nice breakfast. And do you know what? We did not had to wait in the van when He and She eated breakfast!! We getted to go out in the back yard at Granny's Restaurant. Because Granny's has nice kennels just for puppies!!! So we gets to go out and play and drinked Granny's water too. But that is not we's granny though. We do not seed we's grandma too much.

We do liked to be out in the kennel but we do not liked He and She to leave us there all by we self so we do barked even though we do liked to be out of the van.

No, we do not barked. Aswell barked and barked and barked! He barked enough for we both. And then we getted back in the van and we thinked we was going home but no! When the van stopped we was still not home!

Look where we was!!

We was at a lake!!

Not we lake!!

He and She's friends lake!!

And we was a little bit skerred of the waves at first but then we was not.

We was not skerred of those waves! Kali was but not me!!
I just liked to bark at the waves. But I were not skerred!
We liked to dig in the muds. But we do not getted too dirty.

We hadded lots of fun at Dave and Cathy's lake!

The lake was the best adventure! We played in the waters.
And we drinked that water too!!
That is a BIG water dish!!!
And we digged!!
And we getted tangled around trees.
And chairs. And lots of stuffs.
He sayed maybe we could have no leash on
but She sayed NO WAY NO HOW
cuz we already had we running away adventure!

So we do has to keep we leashes on
but we hadded a very long leash and we can still played good.
And we chases dragonflies!!!
And butterflies!!!
And we sees cats and chipmunks and
we do wanted them to be friends with we
but we do not chased them at all because
we do be growing up dogs and
we knows that cats do not like we to bark and chase them too much.
We do wants they to come closer but they do not though.
But we was very very good. She sayed!!!!!


  1. you did have some big adventures....but no mention of coming to me and jessa? :(

  2. WHOA! You two did have very many excellent (and a little bit skerry) adventures! I'll bet lake-water tastes extra delicious.