Thursday, May 26, 2011

A fun rainy morning

Today it is raining too much for we to play outside too much. We do go outside for peeing and pooping and to try to tell He that we wanted to go in the van with He but He do not listened so we had to stay home with She.

And we played inside we house!

We is rambunctious today! That is what She sayed!

We is getting in everything and jumping and running and playing in we house! And Aswell can jump right from the floor up to the BACK of the couch!! And he liked to sit there!!

When we was just new puppies, I was the gooder jumper and Aswell could not jumped on the couch or the bed! But now he can jump right up the back! That is fun, huh? I would liked to do that too!

And we fight too!

We has a big fight over we bones cuz Aswell do not shared good.

Hey! You had 2 chewies and I do not had ANY!! Kali do not shared good!

But do you know who is the baddest sharer?!


Cuz when we fighted about we chewies She taked them and putted them up high again! Too bad!

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  1. Sharing is very, very hard! But I guess sharing two treats is better than having NO treats!