Friday, May 27, 2011

Uncle David

The nother day and today, David comes to visit we!

Well, not we, really - he comed to visit He & She! But he do has to visit we too! We liked to jump all over him and getted petted too.

We goed for a ride in he's car and we goed for a walk and we climbed up some steps and we did not liked those steps too much!

David and She liked to look out from the top of the steps but we do not cared about trees and stuffs. That do be a little bit BORING!!!!

We whines cuz we wants to go down and sniffed stuff! Sniffing is much betterer than looking!

And do you knowed what?! David do not shared he's supper good! But that is okay cuz he do not eated meat! We do liked meat!! She and He's supper was way gooder.

Now Uncle David is gone and He is gone to bed and She is going to bed but we is being very hyper bad puppies! It is FUN!

'cept when He yelled at we!! He hurted we feelings! But we do shutted up and settled down some cuz we do not wanted He to get more madder!

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