Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Fun times

Some times when He and She goed out and leaved we at home, we do not liked it!

We do not had to be in we beds any more cuz He sayed.

So we do getted to stay out and we do sometimes get just a bit nervous.

I do not getted nervous!! Only Kali getted nervous!

But today we forgetted to be nervous!!

We had FUN!!

She leaved a drink of the stuffs me and

Aswell liked to drink on She's little table!

Beside She's bed!!

So we dumpered it on He and She's bed

and we getted to drink some before it getted in the bed too much!

And THEN we finded She's jelly beans!!!

We liked those jelly beans!!

We liked to bite them and chew them.

Some of them is yummy to eat and

some of them is not so yummy so we spitted those ones out.

We maked a FUN mess!!

And THEN we getted to had fun when She and He camed home too!

We is helping He to maked the bed!!

We is good helpers!

1 comment:

  1. This might prove that drinking leads to trouble! But at least it sounds like you had loads of fun!