Friday, February 11, 2011


I thinked STINKERS is when Aswell makes a bad smell but today She is calling me and Aswell both stinkers and He is said no, He do not wanted to let us go outside to play because the last time He letted us go out to play He got in troubles!!

That is funny!! We did not getted in troubles!! We getted treats!! I do not knowed why He getted in troubles! Maybe He did something bad while we was away 'sploring! Do you thinked so?

She called us and we camed and we jumped up way so high so She could see us over the gate cuz we maked holes in the fence and we 'scaped and went 'sploring and She noticed we was too quiet and She camed to look for us and She called us and She found out we 'scaped!

But She was so happy we camed back right away that She gived us treats and telled us we is SUCH good dogs!!

But then they sayed we is STINKERS!!

I do not knows why we is stinkers AND we getted treats! Peoples sure do be confusing sometimes!


  1. oh you guys are such brats ya know that? have you figured out why you guys are stinkers yet?

  2. I do knowed Kali is a stinker today cuz she is a sick puppy and she pooped! In the house! That is one way to be a big stinker! She sayed!