Saturday, February 12, 2011

SUCH good puppies

Really, we is very good puppies.

Today we do not 'scapes.

We stayed in we's yard and we do not ripped the fence.

But He do needed to make a better fence soon. She sayed!!

He wanted to wait until the snow goed away! So that snow better go away fast!!

Oh! But we do be bad one time today too!

We getted He's watch from the bedroom cuz He forgetted to close the door and we do liked to chew the strap for He's watch. It is good for chewing. But He do not liked us to chew that all up cuz now He cannot weared it!

He tells She to buy He a new one and get metal even though He does not like metal straps. I think leather is better for watches. And for chewing!

And Aswell too!!


  1. Uh oh! Be careful about chewing up watch straps or you might be called "stinkers" again! Even though chewing stuff up is real fun.

  2. But we do be helping!! She did not knowed what to buy He for Valentine's Day but now She do!!

  3. are very good puppies for helping she figure out what to buy him...there was probably a better way to go about that though, but good job!

  4. It was no troubles. We do liked to chew that watch. And then He leaved She's special book down so we chewed that too and now He has to buy She a new cover for She's ebook.