Friday, February 11, 2011

Our Sleepover

Aswell and me had fun at our sleepover with Auntie Francyne & Uncle Robbie. We played inside. We played outside. And do you sees?! We getted to had we bones when we was not in our beds!! We do not fighted too much!!

I has a big tongue!

I am being SUCH a good girl. I do be a good girl most of the times. But Aswell do not beed good so much. He do liked to pee in Auntie Francyne & Uncle Robbie's house! Bad Aswell! He do not peed in our houses! He should not pee in other people's houses neither!

But just look at how cute I can be!! I is too SUCH a good boy!

We liked to play in that snow too! They do had a very good back yard for puppies to play!!


  1. Kali! Aswell!!! Where on earth did you hide your bones????? We still can't find them!!!

  2. Aswell sayed he do not wanted to tell.

    I thinked that meaned he do not remembered.

    He gived us our bones today after we chewed He's watch all up and I has mine but Aswell's is hiding again and She can not finded it neither.