Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Guess what! She sayed we can go has a sleepsover at Rob & Francyne's house!!

We did not has a sleepover without She and He before! That might could be exciting.

She sayed Aswell and me should maybe tell Rob & Francyne all about what we likes !!!

So. I will tell you. And me too!!!!

We do has our own beds. Kali does not cares but I do likes to go in those beds when I sleeps so it is good if the doors is open.

And Aswell sleeped in MINE bed in the daytime!! And he do goes to bed before me too. Sometimes he getted gone and She finds him in mine bed.

At bedtime I has to go out of Kali's bed and go in mine. I has a towel in mine bed but I do not care what is my blankets but Kali!!! Oh boy, she do whines and cries if she does not has her right blankets!!! No one can sleeped!

I NEED my sheet. AND my baby blanket that my doggie mommy gived me!! AND mine bone! And anyway, YOU only has a towel cuz you pukes too much in the car!

At bedtime we get treats!!!!! And we do like to have those treats so please do not forgetted!!

Oh no!! Do you thinked they might could forget?!

They won't forget! But if they does we will tell they!!!!

We should tell they what is we treats though. We do gets one hard chewie bone and one soft chewie bone.

Hey - we does not!! We only gets a half of a soft chewie bone. You know She ...

You do not has to tell they that! Duh! You is dumb!! Sometimes She do gives us a whole one!

But that is when...

Oh stop talking now Kali!!!! Auntie Fran & Uncle Rob can give we a whole dentastick if they wants.

And lots of bacon treats too if they wants!!

No!!! Oh you are so bad, Aswell! You know we only gets bacons if we come when we is called or we sit or we laysdown or we stays!! We don't gets bacons just cuz - we has to do somethings for bacons! And She breaked them in little pieces too.

You tells too much, you know!

Do not!

Do too!!!

Do not!

What else might they needed to know? Oh, I know!! We likes to has foods!! And water!! All the time.

And it is good if we has 2 food bowls because sometimes Aswell do not liked to let me eat but if there is 2 bowls sometimes he forgetted to bark at me when I eated!

But we can shared if we has to. I will not barked at you too much Kali. Oh, and we can has people foods sometimes!! You might could share your foods with us!!

But only if we lies down and shuts up and remembered not to whine and jump and beg.

You did not had to tell them that neither, big mouth!!

We has to go outside to play and pee and poop. But I think they knowed that already. Duh! Kali liked to play outside more than I do. I get cold more but she still will not letted me keep my coat on cuz she is a bully!!!!

I am not a bully!!! I just thinked it be a fun game and I forgetted Aswell do not liked that game! We do has lots of fun games.

We liked to play bitey face and chase and sometimes we play fights and that is okay. But we is not allowed to fight too much! Mostly if we do not had anything REALLY good like BONES!!! we do not fights too much.

Yeah - that is why She taked our good bones away when She letted us get up. Because Aswell is a piggy and he thinked he has to have all the bones and I do not like him to have MY bone so I has to take it away and then he gets mad and he forgets I is bigger than him and I can beat him up and we has big ugly fights!!

So we can not has stuff we liked too much in the day time. Because Kali do not shared good!

Hey!! That is you that doesn't share good, Aswell!

Nu uh .. if you gived me the bones when I wanted them we would not had to fight.

Duh! Anyway, if we gets fighting about toys too much She or He taked them away so we do not get too fighty. But mostly we do not.

We liked our toys! I hope She members to taked them for us!! We like to has toys and we plays with them and we liked to take them outside too!!

No!!!! We is not s'posed to take those toys outside, Aswell. You is not telling the truths! You know She checks your mouth for toys or socks or underwears or shoes or brushes or other stuffs you like to steal before She opened the door! Cuz you do liked to sneak out with those things and then we fighted about them and we leaved them outside too.

Oh!! And you should know that Aswell do liked to steal pens and he can maked a very big mess with pens too cuz he chews them up very good and then the ink getted out and all over!! Aswell is good at finding pens and he do liked to make messes!! He chewed pencils too but those do not make so much mess.

See. It is for sure. You DO talked WAY too much, Kali!! Now they will know to hide all the pens and the underwears!! We might could had way more fun if you shutted up, you know!


  1. A sleepaway sounds like tons of funs! Except there are lots and lots of rules to remember!

  2. Yes Kali and Aswell. There are rules. You must not forget! That is ok. Uncle Robbie and I will remind you. So far, you guyses are pretty well behaved! You went for a nice walk with Uncle Robbie, and then you played outside running around the yard for half an hour! You did not even want to come in!

  3. Well, Auntie Fran was bad. Kali and Aswell were chewing on things that weren't chewies. So she went and got some nice big chewie bones out of a thoughtful goodie bag. Oops she did not know those bones were not for right now. But that's ok. Kali and Aswell are not chewing them ALL the time...

  4. as long as they can refrain from beating each other up, they can have chewies .. that's the only reason we take them away usually. The fights get pretty out of control.