Monday, February 14, 2011

Poor Puppy!

I do not knows what He and She was doing outside but He putted up more wood on my fence and taked away my snow and then when He and She was doing work outside I showed He!!!

I can still getted out of that fence!! I can CLIMB!!

She sayed I could but He did not believe She but now He do had to! I can climb good!

Kali do not figured it out how to climb with no snow and with those new boards but me, I climbed real good and I runned away up the road but He sees me and She called me and She buyed liver bits today and those is my most favouritist treats so I camed back to get some!

I tried very hard to get the liver without She catched me but She did catched me. So then Kali and me hadded to stay in the house while He and She worked.

I do not know what He and She do but when they is all done She putted a new collar on me and She putted my leash on too and She taked me outside the fence and She letted me go a little bit but then I hears a noise and I has to come back and I getted more livers!! I getted lots of livers!!

But I do not getted to play outside in the yard with no leash any more. Poor Aswell!

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  1. poor puppies indeed, but it for your own good...they were only putting the wood up and stuff to try and keep you guys safe