Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Beep beep beep

He & She putted beeps in we fence!!

I do not liked those beeps. Those beeps sayed GET AWAY!! And if I do not GET AWAY it goed zzzzzttt!! And it SKERRED me! An' Aswell too!

Aswell is a good climber and he can climb over the fence but now that fence do beeps if we getted too close!! So today Aswell do not climbed the fence. And I do not climbed the fence. We played outside all day but we played in the yard. We did not runned away not even one time!

We stayed away from them beeps so we new collars do not goed zzzzzztttt!!

I is a little bit sad that we can not has any more big adventures all by our own selves. But She sayed it beed more important we beed safe!


  1. ZZZzzzzztttt! You two stay away from that fence! Being safe is even more importanter than having funs.

  2. haha...that sucks but it's funny too....guess you'll have to stop going on adventures huh?

  3. We do has to stay away from those beeps and clicks or we do getted zzzzttts! I do not liked those zzzttt - not even just a little one. Or Aswell too!

  4. i can't imagine it would be much fun...but maybe if you keep getting zapped you'll get used to it and then it won't bother you anymore...

    but they did do it for a reason...you can't just go off on adventures by yourselves...you guys are just to little but it would be more fun to go on adventures with She anyway...she likes to take pictures, so you should only go on adventures with she or He...or me when I come to visit