Thursday, February 17, 2011


Today I shows She that I is a very smart doggie!!

We drived home from the nother house and I did not puked in the van too much but that do not be why I is smart.

I is smart cuz I figures out that I can still goed over the fence but as long as I do not go to the beeps I does not get zzzzzttt'd! AND I can maked Kali go CRAZY because Kali can NOT climbed over that fence!!

So then Kali is trapped inside the fence and I is free - well, only sorta free - on the nother side. Kali barked and barked at me!

And when She comed to see why Kali is so mad, She sayed ASWELL!!!! You get you back in this yard!! And you knowed what? I is so smart I DO! I climbs right back over the gate and I goed to She and She gived me a liver treat!

Ha! That is REALLY why I is smart! I can make Kali get mad. AND I can make She give me livers even when I is doing bad stuff!

Pretty cool, huh?

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