Sunday, February 13, 2011


Me & Aswell messed up!

She & He tricked us to make us showed them how we was getting out. They goed on the nother side of the fence and called us and we climbed right over the fence!!!

Now they knows!!

And He shovelled all the snows away and He putted more boards up and then She goed out and She called us and showed us treats and we could not getted over any more.

Too bad!! It is SO much fun to run away!!! We runned lots when we was showing He and She how and we would not comed back again neither. She sayed She is going to has to do lots more training. I hope that means livers! I likes livers!! But running away is SO fun that I thinked we will needed a lot of livers to stop that.

We did had lots of funs!

Except for it maked He mad and She upsetted.


  1. lmao...oh you guys are so smart sometimes, but sometimes you are just so dumb too...can't believe you fell for that

  2. I did not thinked about why they might do call us - and anyway She hadded treats!! You can't expected me to not go for treats!