Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Learning to Walk

We knows how to walk already! And run too! But we is learned to walk good on we leashes now!! There be rules!! Did you knowed there be rules for walking?!

Today we goed for another walk!!

We did one long walk one time too, but Igetted too tired and She would not liked to carry me so we did not get to goed too far. But today I do not getted too tired and we walked all the way to ... uh....the place!!

We goed in the door and She opened a box and She getted a paper and then we goed in a door and a man gived us cookies!! We was SO excited we almost do not eats those cookies!

But they beed good cookies!! So we does eated them!

And that cookie-man gived She a book and then we goed to the other place too! And She puts mine leash 'round a post!

And mine too!!

And She LEAVED us!!!!!!!

Oh mine goodness!!!!! That beed

But She do comed back fast. And She gives us a treat too! Because we is good when She leaved us outside. We gets treats when we is good.

Then we walks all the way back to we house!!

We learning lots of rules!!
  • When people comes we can not jumped on them!!
  • Kalie not allowed to eat any poops! Or me too, but I do not likes to eat poops.
  • We has to go both the same way 'round the poles. And the trees. And She!
  • And if we wraps we leashes around She's legs, She do not walks and that do not be fun, so no wrapping!!!!!!!!

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  1. You two are getting so smart and learning lots of important rules! I'm glad you are having so much funs.