Friday, December 3, 2010

She & Me

Sometimes She & me do not getted along.
Sometimes She is TOO MEAN!!
Today She yelled at me!!
I do not liked to get yelled at!!
She sayed She do not like to
listen to me bark all day long.
When I barks IN the house
She tells me that beed mine OUTSIDE voice.
So I goed OUTSIDE to play!!
I was having fun!!
And Aswell too!!!
We was not fighting!!!
We was just PLAYING!!!
She kicked me too!!!
Well, not really.
She did not kick me SO much.
But She DO pushed me with She's foot!!
She sayed I can not goes in the blue box!!
Not even if there do be good stuffs in the blue box!
Not even if I tries forty-seventy-eleven times
cuz I is SO stubborn!!!
She pushed me away when I keeped trying.
She pushed me away with
She's foot and I do not liked it!!!
That is LIKE kicking, huh?
I thinks so!!!
She do beed ROOD!

1 comment:

  1. Oh yes, if a foot even touches you, it is the very same thing as a KICK! Well, sort of...