Sunday, November 7, 2010


Today I goes for a walk!

And me too!

And I has a leash!

And me too!

She comes with Aswell and me and we likes to walk and sniff but we has to stop and sit when She says.

When cars comes!

Or when She just wants to gives us treats! She gived us treats for sitting good!

I liked those treats!

And me too! Walking is fun 'cept I do getted very tired and I do tries to get She to pick me up and carry me home again but She do not.

I likes walks!

And me too!


  1. yay for time i'm up there i'll have to take you guys for some'll be fun...i wanted to take you guys last time but you weren't allowed

  2. Yeah that doctor sayed that we could not go for walks until we has all our pokes or we might gets sick. He and She did not wanted us to get sick.

    But now we can go for walks and I am a good walker! 'Cept when I gets tired you should carried me, not like She did not.