Sunday, November 7, 2010

Daisy wants to know!!

It sayed so! On Daisy & Harley's blog!
So I will answer!!
And Aswell too, maybe. If he do wakes up!

Here is the questions. From Daisy's blog.

1. What is your very most favourite treat? (see Daisy? I knows you like pink!)

I likes lots of treats but livers is the most best one. She cooks livers for me!! Then She cuts those livers in little bits and I gets a liver when I pees or poops -- but only outside!! Inside the house be very very bad so if you has to pee or poops in the house you has to do it where She and He can not see you or He or She might yell and skerr me! And no livers for peeing or pooping in the house, too. We can get livers for coming fast when She calls or sitting or lay downing or dancing or staying. We is not so good at staying though.

I likes livers too but mine most best treat is CHEWIES!! I is getting new teeths so I needs to do lots and lots of chewing. But not cords cuz those is got owies in them! My bestest BESTEST chewie is Purina Busy Bones but they do makes Kali and me has a lot of fighting and we do be very noisy when we has Busy Bones.

Sometimes She ties one up in mine crate for me and then I likes to stay in mine crate! Until I gets it off and then Kali and me fights and fights over the bones.

Those bones do not be my bestest treat! Aswell likes them TOO much and he do not lets me chew my very own busy bone! Bad Aswell!

Am not bad!! I likes busy bones!

2. Describe your funnest day!
Today we went for our first big walk! Cuz we had our last pokes so the vet-man said we could go for walks now so She taked us! Walks is fun!

But pokes is not so fun, though!

3. Tell me about your house.

What house! We has TWO houses!! We has one house with a yard with a fence and He and She and me lives in that house.

Hey!!!! And me too!! And we has the far away nother house. I sicks up in my crate when we goes to that nother house! But not me! There are mans at the nother house and they likes to pet me. I gets SO excited when we goes to the nother house. Except when I sicks up in my crate. That is not so exciting.

4. What is your favourite toy?

I likes my kong toy. With foods in it!! I takes it to bed in my crate and I chews and chews and chews. And I get more chewies for bedtime too. And sometimes the treat fairy comes and there is treats in my crate even sometimes when it is not dark! I like my crate a lot.

Oh shush, Aswell. You talks too much! I do not has any favourite toys. I like to play with Aswell the best! Aswell is my bestest toy! Except when he is taking all my bones away. Then I do not like him so much.


  1. LMAO...oh you two are so funny

    and liver is gross

  2. NO! Livers is very yummy! Really! You should try some!

  3. Cool! Thanks for answering, you two, I enjoyed all of your answers. I love liver treats, too. But mine are freeze-dried so they are crunchy-crumbly.