Sunday, August 22, 2010

Sleepy Sunday

Today it is raining so She & He do not takes me fishing in mine boat yet. He goed to work with Hank and She and me stays home. Then He camed home and we wants to go fishing some more but it is raining so we is waiting for it to stop raining.

So He and me is having a nice nap in He's bed. I is not allowed to sleep with He at night when He and She goes to bed but I IS allowed in the daytime for naps. Naps is gooder than nighttime sleeping. I says!

See what Francyne did to one of mine pictures she taked? She putted leaves and butterflies all around me! Cool, huh? It has nothing to do with mine blog post but I knows peoples (and maybe cats too) likes to look at mine pictures because I is so handsome so I puts it up for you.

1 comment:

  1. You are a very handsome dog and the leaves and butterflies certainly do add to it. And remind us that Fall is coming. Francyne takes good pictures and I am very glad to see them. Trust she enjoys working with you.

    Jess has her birthday present so please be sure to give Tamara hers when she comes for a visit. Thanks.

    And be a very good dog when my Sister visits you.