Tuesday, August 24, 2010


We has companies but this ones do not sleeps in mine house so I can not sleeps with them! That is Mine Grandma's sister and Harry. And me of course but you knowed that already!

They bringed their own little house with them but I is not allowed to go in that house because then it would has lots of dog furs in it.

I likes dog furs but lots of peoples do not.

Good thing He and She do not minds mine dog furs everywhere too much. I do sheds a lot.

We went fishing with mine companies and that man catchered all the fishes and did not leaves any for She or Mine Grandma's Sister!! He catchers lots of fishes and even some basses but none of them was as big as She's basses.

I likes to eat fishes. But timbits is even better! And you knows what? I is getting timbits every day now. Two times!!

She sayed tomorrow someone will has to go buy some more timbits for me!! I likes timbits! I does not even care that She sticks that stinky yucky pills in mine timbits. I eats them so fast the pill is gone before I remembers to spit it out.

Timbits two times every day is a very good deal. I says.


  1. So glad to see that your company arrived safely and surprised that you went fishing so soon. You are being very good hosts to let Harry catch all the fish.
    Very good that you are eating the Tim Bits so quickly and hope you continue to do so.
    Hope you have good weather and a good visit with my Sister & Harry. She said she would be good because she knew you would tell me.

  2. I am FOR timbits every single day! Scrooge, I would love to see your treat face.