Saturday, August 28, 2010

She Trickered Me!

Last night when we was coming back up from fishing and it were dark outside, I came up to the house with Mine Grandma's sister. Her name is Alexis and she catchered one big fish this week and eated it and she is with Harry and he catchered a big fish yesterday but we does not eats that one because he putted it back in the water. I do not knows why sometimes we eats big fishes and sometimes we lets them go back swimming away. But we does.

Anyway, I is not meaning to write about fishes today. I is getting distracted. I was going to tell you about Alexis and her trick! Last night when we was coming up from fishing in the boat Alexis went right up to mine screen door and I was thinking she opened it and would go in mine house but she stoppered and did not opens the screen door.

But I THINKED it was open and I goes right through it! Oopsie!!

Good thing She and He does not get mad at me for oopsies.

It sure is busy around mine house this week. Alexis and Harry is in their own little box in mine yard sometimes but they comes in to play cards, and Jessa and Tamara is here now too so I sleeps on the couch with Jessa mostly. And the grand-boys camed to mine house to go on a boat ride and go fishing and shoot at Jessa with water toys that She buyed for them. And today we will all has to take turns in the boat cuz we has too many peoples to all fits in the boats at once.

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  1. I will have to have a talk with my Sister - tricking my poor Scrooge!
    You are certainly having lots of fishing time and lots of visitors. I am sure happy for you.
    The water toys sould be great fun with the boys. Do you get sprayed too or are you too fast for them?