Saturday, August 21, 2010


Tonight She gived me a piece of chicken. I thinks it was a good treat but when I chews it I finds out it gots a PILL sticked in it!!

I eats the chicken right up but then I spitted that pill out on the floor! I did not wants to eat that pill!

But He maked me!

That is not nice, huh?! I thinks someone should tells He to be nicer to me! Right, mine Grandma?

And Hank and Valerie comes to have dinner with us but first we goes fishing. She catchered a fish this afternoon when we go and tonight He catchered one that was even bigger than She's big fishes!!

Now She says She will has to go catcher a BIGGER pike. Or a muskie. Or the weird fish She seed in the lake last week. So maybe She and me will has to go fishing again tomorrow.
We did lots of fishing today and I is tired now so I will has to go to sleep now. Thank you for coming to visit mine blog.


  1. Oh Scroogie, you have to take your medicines so your potty will stay good! Be good and eat it all up, okay?

  2. Sorry but on this point I am with He. It is not a nice surprise to get a pill in the food so I think He should just make you take it each time that it is required. It is more important that you get well and healthy than what you think is right. Good for He!

    I think you are getting visitors tis week so maybe you can take your complaint up with them. And I am sure that they would like to go fishing - or at least out in the boat. Are you sure that She hasn't caught all the big ones though?

  3. Today She putted mine pill in a piece of cheese. I knowed it was there but I eated it anyway cuz I did not wants to have a fight with He.