Friday, August 20, 2010


I do not know what the vet-man did and I sure did not likes it one little bit.

But guess what? Right after I gets out of that bad place, I pees and it is all red and She do not likes that.

But now I is peeing lots and lots and it is not red and it do not hurts!

And we goes out on the boat and when we comes back I squats and pees a LOT and I do not has to go in the water to pee and it do not takes me a long time neither.

I is GOOD at peeing again now. And I is running around like a crazy puppy. I runs up and down the dock and from He to She and back again and I runs in circles in mine yard.

I do not likes to pee on the man but I sure do likes to pee.


  1. Sometimes the vet-man needs to be peed on,puts him in his place

  2. Glad to hear that the peeing is going much better. It is scary when it is red but being poked there and/or some medicines will cause it.
    Bet there are lots of visitors to the vetman who pee on him. Part of what happens since all animals aren't as good as you.
    Look after yourself.

  3. HI Mine Grandma!!! I thinks that is She and He's job. They takes good cares of me. With timbits! And meats! And ice creams!

    She says the vet-man sayed I has stones in mine pee! I do not knows how I getted stones in mine pee cuz I knows better than to eat stones! I do NOT eats stones, not ever! Stones is not good to eat!