Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Mine Bum!!!

I is so MAD at She today that when She gives me a timbit all for mine own self I throws it on the floor of the van. And I rides in the back because I do not wants to be with She. I is CRANKY!!

I thought She was crazy when She makes me be on mine leash in mine own yard. I do not needs a leash because I do not runs away. But She putted mine leash on and She would not lets me go away by mine own self to pee. And THEN She putted a bowl under me so I pees in the bowl and She KEEPS IT!!! Oh mine goodness. She is going CRAZY!!!

But then it gets WORSE! She and me goes for a car ride and She takes me to Tim Hortons and that is good cuz I likes timbits but then we do not go home, we go to a nother place. And that nother place is NO FUN!!

She gives them mine pee!!! And then they makes me go on a platform and I do not likes that but then it gets even WORSER and peoples starts sticking things UP MINE BUM!!! That is SO ROOD!

And not very fun neither!

And then the peoples takes me down stairs to take a picture of mine bottom half too and She do not comes down those stairs with me and I do not like that neither! And the man was touching me and squishing me and I pees on him! I do not likes to pee where I is not supposed to but I could not helps it! It was horrible!

I was so happy to go back to She when they was all done looking in mine no-so-private-any-more-parts. I runs to She and wags mine tail. But then I remembered that She taked me there so I gets mad.

And THAT is why I spitted the timbit away!

But then I goes and gets it again and I eats it all up. It is hard to stay mad when there is timbits. And meats.


  1. But the nice groomer lady said you were very handsome and a very brave man. oh and btw.. i loved your singing. next time you come to visit.. (shhhhhh) lots of cookies in it for ya

  2. I is very handsome and very smart too! But I does not likes cookies too much. Unless they is for people cookies. But dog cookies is YUCKY.

    And I hopes I do not has to come back and visit the vet-man for a very long time! I do not wants to hurts you feelings but I really does not has fun there!

  3. So very sorry to hear you are having such problems. Certainly hope that they get you all better soon.
    Smart She to get the Timbits for you.