Sunday, August 15, 2010

She and Me Go Fishing Again

Today She wants to go fishing. I goes with She. No one else goes with She and me. He is not feels so good so He stays home and has naps!

But She and me go and I thinks She is CRAZY!!!

We was having fun fishing but She only catches sunfish; those big fishes is hiding in those weeds and they do not bites She's worm. Or She's frog. Or She's nother stuffs. Too bad.

But we has a nice drift going and She likes drifting so She wants to keep fishing.

But then there was THUNDERS!! and She do not wants to stop fishing. She tells me that those thunders is very far away and lots of nother peoples is still fishing too but I was SO skerred I was trying to climb up in She's lap and She do not likes me on She's lap when She is trying to fish.

So then I hides under She and I is in the way and I is shaking and panting and being SKERRED so She finally gives up on catching She's big fish and She bringed me home.

I do likes fishing but I do not likes thunders and I do not think fishing and thunders go together good.


  1. Thunders scares my brother Harley and I (it scares Harley a little more coz he's a bigger chicken than me). We hide up in the boxspring of mom's bed (she's not too happy about the hole we dug to get there).
    -Baxter the cat

  2. Hey! Did you knows Daisy has a brother cat named Harley too?!