Thursday, August 12, 2010

I has a ruff day!

You know what happens to me today? Too much bad stuffs!

First She and He and me was going fishing. And Diane too, but she did not bring Lady this time because it was too hot.

It was not too hot for me though! But those hooks that they catches the fishes with is very sharp! Do you know how I knows? I catches ME on one of them hooks and I did not likes that one little bit.

She getted it out of me but I cries a little bit because it HURTED!

And then we was going out fishing again after I eats mine food and I tries to get on the boat but mine front feets is on the boat and mine back feets is on the dock and mine back feets don't get to the boat right and I falls in the lake between the boat and the dock and I is SKERRED! And wet. And smelly.

And THEN I is not paying attention and She is not paying attention and I is trying to press up against She but She is smoking a cigarette and it is a good thing I is wet. And smelly. Cuz mine fur is wet and it putted She's cigarette right out but it makes noise and it skerred me and She too!

I sure hopes tomorrow is a gooder day for fishing!


  1. Oh Scroogie, that is a lot of bad things! I hope a lot of good things happen to you today!

  2. Scrooge- too bad you aren't a cat. We cats never have to go anywhere and we just lie around all day and look tired. Being a dog looks like a whole lot of work. I hate work.
    -Baxter the cat...
    (you can check out my page on my mom's blogsite if you ever wonder what being a cat might really be like). Hope you drop by and visit us.