Sunday, August 8, 2010

She is skerring me!

It was past mine food time and I gets hungry but He won't gets up to feeds me so I kicks mine dish around the kitchen and then She hears that and She getted up and feeded me.

That is He's job so She checked with He first if He feeded me. I was TELLING She He didn't by kicking mine food dish around but She and He knows that sometimes I tries to tricks He and She so that He feeds me AND She feeds me. That is a good deal when that happens.

But not today.

Today She checks with He and He says no, He didn't feeds me mine gooder food so She does it.

But She opens the cupboard to get mine foods and She says "Oh no, Scrooge. You have got trouble! We are almost out of dog foods!! Then what are you going to do?"
I looks too and She is right. There is only one more can of mine food and then there will be no more!

I starts to worry about that. What if He and She runs out of mine good food!

That would be VERY VERY BAD!

But then I gets a good idea!

If He and She runs out of Scrooge food, then He and She could cooks me up a steak. Or a roast beefs. Or a chicken. Or a.... there is lots of good people foods!


  1. Scrooge, you came up with a very great idea!

  2. Don't worry- you are going to be very happy if you get to eat steak coz there is no more dogfood. My kitties, they are thrilled when I have to reach for the tuna can coz I dropped the ball.