Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Staying Home with She

I is not too happy today.

Today I is feeling good and I wants to go out in the car with He. But He do not wants to take me.

He puts He's work clothes on and He puts stuffs in the van and I gets in the van so I can go too but He maked me get out and He leaves me home with She.

Staying with She is boring today. She just tippy types all day long.

I waits by the front door for He to come home again and GETS ME! I wants to go with He!


  1. Scrooge, I hope you get to go car-riding soon!

  2. Sometimes He needs to work with things that might not be too good for you to be around a lot.
    Sometimes She has to work at the typing and should be reminded to move and get up at various times so that she feels better.
    And with you having not been too well the last few weeks, maybe you deserve a day or two to get feeling really, really good again.
    Hopefully you get to go out soon and get the treats you like. Stay healthy.