Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I feels better!!!

For the last couples of weeks I were not feeling so good.

I still goes out on the boat and goes with the kids when they was here and wags mine tail and gets mine cuddles.

But I is just not feeling very good.

And I does not wants to eats.

And I keeps trying and TRYING to poop and pee but nothing happens.

And She and He was getting worried about me, especially when I does not wants any ice creams.

But today I feels much betterer!! I eats and drinks and pees and poops and I climbs up on He's lap and has a good cuddle even though I is too big.

And She feeded me when it was mine food time cuz He was busy and when He were not busy any more and comes in the house I tries to tricks He into feeding me all over again.

That doesn't works cuz She telled on me but I felt good enough to try.

So that makes She happy. And He too. And me too!

He and She do not gives me 2 suppers but She do gives me some treats now that I is feeling so much better.

And maybe soon I will has ice cream too. I says.


  1. glad you are feeling better...and you should have some ice cream...its very very good!

  2. So very glad you are feeling better. Don't rush the ice cream -- like maybe wait another hour so they will have a real good kind. Or maybe you should try some youghart - the good kind to keep you feeling good.

  3. I do not has TOO much ice cream. He and She only lets me clean He and She's bowls.

    We does not has plain yoghurt. Only fruity stuffs. I do not likes those fruity kinds of yoghurt. Fruity kinds of ice creams is much better!

    She says She will buys some plain yoghurts for me to see if I likes it the next time She goes out to the store. If I do not likes it, She can puts it on baked potatoes.

    She does not go out so much though; She gots to gets her works all done.