Sunday, July 11, 2010

Fishing trip

She catched a BIG fish! That picture shows He holding it but He did not go with us to catch it. She and me and Jess and Mandy was fishing and He stayed home.

But you knows what?! She catched that fish but She's camera got away!

While She was trying to bring that fish in the boat with no net cuz they forgetted the net She putted She's camera down. And then Jess and Mandy was trying to catch the small fishes in the live well and one those little fishies getted away and fell in the boat and there was lots of yelling and jumping around and when it was all over and the little fish was back in the lake and the big fish was in the boat She looked for She's camera and OH NO!!!

She's camera was GONE!! It must have gone in the lake with the little fish! That makes She sad.

She did not has a good day yesterday at all ...and that was just one more thing She did not need.

But at least She did not loses ALL the pictures She tooked yesterday. Only some of them. She did losed the one of me when I jumps in the beaver swamp at the place we went to when She and He stopped yelling and skerring me. I was hot so I jumps in but then I finded out that was a bad idea.

I was not so hot any more but when I was wet and stinky those BAD bitey flies finds me and they likes to BITE me!!! Mandy and She and Jess and He has to keep brushing those bad flies off of mine furs. They was all over me and they just keeps coming back!

But even though She losed that picture, She did not lose all of the pictures Jess taked of the heron's nest. Those nests is pretty boring I thinks. But He and She and Jess and Mandy likes them. They likes to look at the nests and see the herons in them.

You can not see those birds so good in this picture. But you can sees where they is.

Now you can see the nests and even the babies!

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  1. I am so very sorry to hear about the camera as I sure like seeing all the pictures. Love the pictures of the herons and her fish although, of course, the pictures of you are the best.

    So sorry to hear about all the bugs bitting you. Glad Jessica and Mandy are taking care of you. You will certainly miss them when they go home. Did you get to take them home or just He and She?

    Good luck to She for the stop smoking. Please tell her that. You need her healthy and strong to take you fishing and keep bugs off you and rescue you when you go out swimming too far or try to swim where you shouldn't. And to help you with your blog.