Thursday, July 22, 2010

He Worked Again....

....And She taked pictures of pitiful me.

This is what I do when He goes away and leaves me home with She.

I loves She too - but I do wants to go in the van with He and He do not wants to take me to works!

That is NO FAIR!


  1. Oh Scrooge! You look so pitiful! Just waiting patiently for He. I feel so sorry for you but He does come home and then things will be all better again.

    Just don't look so bad all the time or She might get feeling hurt and not share the goodies She may have when He is away.

  2. She goed out to the store and did not takes me too!! And I waited and waited for She to comes back too.

    I just thinks He and She and Me should just all be together all the time! Doesn't you think that be a good idea?!

    Guess what He is doing now? He is cleaning a fish that one of Hank's grandkids catched.

    It is not so big as She's fish was but it is a nice bass. He says.

    She feeled sorry for the fish but He says that fish was out of the waters too long and it would not live if He putted it back in the lake so it is better it bees food.