Thursday, July 29, 2010

A Nother boat

Today Hunter & Colton come to mine house to go fishing on mine dock.

And that was fun. Hunter catchered TWO fishes! All by his own self. That was his first fishes and it was very exciting.

But then Colton wants to go in a boat and She and Diane and Hunter and Colton all gets in the HC Cruiser. That is Hunter & Colton's boat and it do not be a pontoon boat.

I do not wants to get in that boat because it do not be a pontoon boat. I like He's pontoon boat. I do not like nother boats.

But She and Diane and the boys all gets in that boat and they leaves me on the dock and I gets upset and I jumps in the lake and starts to swim after that boat so they comes back and I gets back up on the dock and I jumps right in that boat and I do not jumps right back out again!

I goes in the tin boat! And I do not jumps out. Well, not until He comes home from He's working and THEN I jumps out.
I is getting to be a brave boat dog, huh?


  1. good job scrooge and yay for hunter catching his fish

  2. there i commented...tell she to bite

  3. peoples is not supposed to bite. Only DOGS! And even dogs is only allowed sometimes.

  4. You are doing very well with the boats. So good that Hunter got his first fish and there are pictures. Trust you had a fun time with them.