Saturday, July 31, 2010

Mad dog!!

Oh I is SO mad today!!! I thinks I would likes to BITE someone. But I knows I is not allowed to bite but I is REALLY REALLY MAD!!
I was going to be mad at She but She says it is not She's idea to leaves me here. She wanted He to let me go fishing with He and He's friends but He says NO!!
So I has to stay in mine house and I is watching He and He's friends get the boat ready and now He's friends are in He's boat and He is taking the ropes off and they is GOING away without ME!!!
I wants to go fishing too! I is a good boat dog now!!! Why I can't go?!

1 comment:

  1. Poor Scrooge! You are a really good boat dog so I don't know why they would not take you. And you don't get scared when the fish touch you either. Maybe She just wanted some special time with you and has some treats planned. Maybe She did not want to be left alone and He has friends with him. Hard to know sometimes with grownups isn't it.