Saturday, July 31, 2010

Not mad any more

When He gets back, He and He's friends drink a beer and then He's friends go away and guess what?!

He and She and ME!!! go on the boat for a very long time. We has to come back to pee once but other than that, we just is on the boat until it bees mine dinner time.

So I did gets to go on the boat with He, just not when I wants to.

He and She catchers lots of fishes but they lets them all go. Except one that He catchered that He did not wants to let go cuz it were BIG but it breaks the line and gets away. Too bad!


  1. Oh Scrooge, I am very glad you finally got your boat time!

  2. How nice you got out!

    I got to spend a little bit of time with Mandy and Alex yesterday so that was good. Also saw their parents but am I suppose to count that?

    Tomorrow I am having ribs at the RibFest. Will think of you mouching while I enjoy them.