Sunday, August 16, 2009

Staying Home

We stays home at our here house today and oh my goodness you should SEE the mess that He is making in the living room and in She's office!

He is putting up some wood stuffs on the walls and He maked her move about a thousands of books already and He says She will have to move some more soon too. There is no more places to put all those books!

She putted some in boxes and some on new shelves He and She maked in the living room but now those shelves are full too and there is just no more room!

AND He is using the nail gun thing all day long and I doesn't LIKE the nail gun thing because it is loud and even though I KNOWS He is using it and there is going to be a noise I still jumps every time he pushes it.

I hopes He will finish making noises and messes SOON.

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