Monday, August 17, 2009


We is staying at my new house and GUESS WHAT?

They bought foods for me. And mine bed came with us in the van too.

So now I am a happy dog cept they leaved me alone here for a while and I doesn't likes that much.

But they wasn't gone too long and they camed back.

And She took me for a walk up the street and I almost thinked to chase a cat that was sitting on a lawn and then I remembered I do not chase cats any more except when I forgets.

That cat did not run away from me though. We sniffs and I thinks that cat coulds be my friend.

There is peoples outside mine new house and they is yelling and I thinks they are not happy. They should stop yelling cuz I doesn't like it.


  1. Scrooge, since you do not chase cats now, I am almost certain you can be friends with them!

  2. I'm not really an animal lover, but I seem to love people who love their furry family members! I laughed so hard reading Scrooge's take on the new city happenings! Thank you for sharing from his point of view. (Maybe I need a dog, too?)