Saturday, August 15, 2009

Car Ride to Mine New House

Today I get to go to see mine new house. This is a new AND house not an NSTEAD of house. We will still stays in mine old house but sometimes we will go and stays in mine new house too. It is a good thing I am a good car riding dog.

I liked mine new house but it has one BIG PROBLEM. The big problem is not the stairs. I likes the stairs. I runned up and down them; the inside stairs and the outside stairs too.
He and me on the fire escape
The big problem is not the stuffs. I like the stuffs.
Stuffs at the new house
The big problem is that there is NO FOODS at mine new house! No food for the peoples or for the dogs! That is a BIG PROBLEM! I says!
No foods!

I writed more about the house on - so if you wants to see more pictures of mine new house you should come visits me there.

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