Monday, August 3, 2009

More Changes

She says Her knee that was hurting is all better now. She doesn't take me for any more wheel rides yet.

Maybe tomorrow. Today She stays in her chair almost all day long. She tippy types and tippy types and then She startles me by jumping up and yelling cuz something She was stressing about is ALL DONE!!!

I doesn't know what She was working on but She is very happy She is done it.

While She was tippy typing, He went away for to kill some bugs or something but then He came back and He starts ripping the kitchen apart.

I thinked He was just going to make a big mess but He putted things in different places and now He is putting all the dishes and pots and cleaning stuffs back where they belongs only in different places than they was before cuz the food places are all in new spots.

It is all very confusing but He was not SO noisy and He was not askerring me too much today so I doesn't mind.

1 comment:

  1. Hi Scrooge. This sounds to be an improvement over the last time when He worked in the kitchen. Maybe it won't take so long this time. Did you have fun barking at all the men who went to that hole? Well, I was just thinking about you, Scrooge, and wanted to say hello. You take care. Your friend, Lynn