Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Hard Day's Work

I had such a lot of work to do today!

There was so many mans outside my house.

I had to bark and bark and bark at them.

One man came very early and he stood outside my house and I barked and barked. And then more mans came and I barked and barked at them too.

There was a lot of mans and a lot of noise.

Then some big trucks came too. They digged a bit hole in the yard. Not mine yard, the neighbour's yard. There was mans down in the hole.

There was lots of dirt.

I would like to play in that dirt but She won't let me. But I did go in the lake and get all stinky wet.

Now She closed the bedroom door so I can't go sleep on Her bed or on MY BED even. She says no, not until I dry. No fair!

1 comment:

  1. Scrooge, I say "BARK AWAY!". Absolutely. Let the whole neighborhood know you know there are mans out there that don't belong.

    Yeah, you messed up making her fall off the bike. Big mistake. Try not to do that again. Maybe you'll get to go on another walk again soon. Behave. Your friend, Lynn