Friday, August 7, 2009

More company

We gots more company but I am not having very much fun yet.

Jessa and Mandy came to visit me but they is doing it WRONG.

First, they went away in the van but they walked home and it took them a very long time. And I was not allowed to go with them.

I had to stay home all by myself. It was only for a little while cuz He came home but still. They are supposed to visit me. And give me pets and treats. And if they wants to go for long walks I will like to go too!

And THEN they came back home and they went out in the boat with Him and they did not takes ME again! She and me are watching the fire that She is burning all the stuffs that He ripped out of the house when he was making messes and noise.

What good is it having a little kid come to visit if all they does is go where I'm not allowed? That is not a good plan. I says.

Oh! They is coming back in the boat now. I has to go swim out to meet them. Bye.

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