Friday, July 31, 2009


Today She and Me went to the store. She took her wheels and I runned beside her.

Except when I didn't.

I forgetted that I am supposed to run nicely beside Her and if I wants to stop I just slows down and She stops so I can go pee or poop or sniff.

We was just going again after we stops to pee and I sniffs something and I wants to go back to sniffs it some more and I stops too fast and goes back and the wheels doesn't works like that and the wheels and She felled down and went boom!

I was so skerred that even though She letted go of my leash I camed to see if She was hurted. She doesn't get up for a long time and I doesn't like that.

But She is okay except She is walking funny cuz her knee hurted and her one finger hurted too.

She getted on the wheels again and we keeps going but I remembers not to pull no more.


  1. oopsie is right....that wasn't a very nice thing to do, but at least you went back to see if she was ok

  2. It was a good smell though.

    But I doesn't sniffs it any more.

  3. it better have it seems like you really like going for your walks and runs, so should be more careful...if she gets hurt again she won't be able to take you out anymore and that would just suck

  4. Scrooge, this was a big mistake on your part. Better be more careful in the future, and sniffing should be restricted to times when you and She are already stopped. You seem to have the idea though now that it can be dangerous. Try to be more diligent about safety. That is, if you want to continue going on walk/rides with her.

    As always, Your Friend,


  5. That wasn't a good situation but it was nice of you to go check on her. Hopefully it won't happen again so no one gets hurted!

  6. I hopes She will take me with her again now that She is all better and her big works is all done.

    I will tries hard to be more careful.